How To Use Your Wax Melts

A quick guide on how to safely use wax melts!

  • Firstly never leave your wax melt unattended 
  • For snap bars, simply break off 1-2 chunks and pop in your burner dish dependant on burner size. Do not overfill
  • For hearts, simply pop 2-3 hearts into your burner dish. Do not overfill
  • For brittle, simply snap and place a piece into your burner dish -  less is more you can always add if you don't have enough in your burner. 
  •  Pop an unscented tealight into your burner and light. Tealights are safe to use until finished or until you can no longer smell any fragrance. 
  • Check your burner before use for any cracks or damage. If any is noticed discard burner do not proceed to light your wax as this can be dangerous. 
  • The scent throw of your wax melt will depend on room size, room temperature, burner used. Some scents will naturally be more fragrant than others. All products are tested before we place on sale.
  •  To remove old wax simply relight your tea light wait a couple of minutes and slide out. Excess wax can be cleaned by using a cotton pad or kitchen roll. Do not pour excess wax down the sink as this may cause a blockage. We do not recommend using sharp objects to remove wax as this can cause damage to your burner or yourself.